Practice Areas

Annulment of Marriage
Child Custody (Establishment and Modification)
Child Support (Establishment and Modification)
Child Support Collection
Child Support Defense
Child Visitation (Establishment and Modification)
Cohabitation Agreements
Defending Rights of Birth Parents
Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
Dissolution of Domestic Partnership
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Domestic Disputes Involving Children
Grandparent rights
Guardianship of Minors
Interstate and International Family Law Disputes
Judgment Modifications
Legal Separations
Marvin Actions
Orders Against Civil Harassment
Paternity of Minors
Prenuptial Agreements
Property Division
Qualified Domestic Relationso Orders (QDROs)
Restraining Orders
Spousal Support / Alimony (Establishment and Modification)
Spousal Support Collection
Spousal Support Defense
Tax Issues Related To Divorce