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Divorce can be a difficult time in one’s life, but it can be made more manageable and affordable with the right guidance and support. William M. Hulsy will stand up for you and represent your interests with strength, expertise and compassion, based on over 16 years of orchestrating divorces in Southern California. Your divorce may be conducted in a traditional way or collaborative way, per your needs; either way, William M. Hulsy will be the tough yet reasonable advocate you seek, protecting you from abuse in the legal process.

Contact us for a free, private consultation during which we will review your concerns with sensitivity to the personal issues surrounding your specific situation. We will explain the divorce process, and all related family law issues. We will inform you as to your legal rights as well as what to expect during each and every step of the process, and we will provide the support and guidance you need to manage the various aspects related to your individual case.